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Colloid Mill
Construction :
Am-colloid mill is driven by a special vertical type highspeed motor, which along with a 5S-housing provides working area of the mill. Circular shaped stator assembly having two different tooth stages, the conical rotor that is directly coupled, and shape of the rotor and stator permits to axially adjust the grinding gap to an accuracy of 0.10 mm. The opening or dosing of this gap is calibrated on a scale. One rotation of the adjusting ring corresponds to a grinding gap of 0.5 mm.
Operation :
In Am-colloid mill the product is subjected to high shearing cuffing, and rubbing forces between two toothed surfaces. The product, while passing down the hopper, inibally gets seized in the preliminary braking drum where it is broken and thrown into the first stator tooth stage. Due to conical arrangement and the centrifugal effect of the rotor rotating at a speed of 2800 RPM, the material is forced into second tooth stage. The tooth design of the grinding set causes powerful vibrations that subject the particle with high degree of forces. In turn particle reaches the lowest grinding stage. The ground material continuously leaves the mill through the outlet pipe, if required, it can be recirculated.
Product Range
- Colloid Mill
- Semi Auto Tube Filling
- Manual Tube Filling Machine
- Ointment Manufacturing Plant
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