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Flow Wrap Machine
Salient Features :
Flow wrap machine is suitable to wrap in pillow shaped pouches.
Flow wrap machine is also known as flow pack machine and flow wrapping is major applicable for biscuit wrapping,chocolate bar wrapping application.
Switches packing and wrapping are majorly done on flow wrap machine.
Flow wrap machine is ideal machine to wrap as a biscuit wrapping machine.
Biscuit wrapping machine and biscuit packing machine can be pack various numbers of biscuits with desired configuration.
Flow wrapping machine is used to pack chocolate bars packing and 5 star chocolate wrapping type.
Flow pack machine or flow wrap machine is horizontal flow wrapping equipment.
Flow Wrap Machine is used as a Noodle packing machine in horizontal flow wrap machine concept.
Applications :
Packing various bigger size solid regular objects, such as instant noodle,candies, chocolates, biscuits, bread, moon cake, medicine, commodity, hardware, toys, electric items, or loose product loaded by box /tray, etc in Pillow type Laminates.
Product Range
- Blister Packaging Machine
- Alu Alu Packaging Machine
- Cup Filling Machine
- Flow Wrap Machine
- Pouch Packing Machine
- Shrink Wrapping Machine
- Sachet Packing Machine
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